Friday, 28 April 2017

Timing and tides

I'm not sure it could get much better without a trip to Fyn or Bornholm.
Two cracking fish


Saturday, 22 April 2017

Chasing fatty

Imagine my shock when the builders couldn’t start work when they said they would .... Every cloud and all that. Probably a lot other things I should have been doing today but nothing that won't wait till Sunday, fxxk it, get the Perch gear. I don’t need much encouragement

Seven rigs and my first anchor lost today, what happened to the single digit wind strength? They’ve not done their business yet but it can’t be long now, doubt I’ll get another chance this year for a real big fatty.


Monday, 17 April 2017

Slow day in the sun

I should have had a crack at the Perch today but opted for a day afloat on the coast chasing some silver.  The forecast was good so it made for a pleasant time on the water but it wasn’t very productive. I fished hard around a general area that used to produce some decent days for me in the past. Unfortunately over the last two seasons this area has produced very little, I wont be in a hurry to go back for a while. I thought covering the area from the kayak would make a difference, for today at least, it was more of the same.
I winkled out this fish, my first Sea Trout aboard Das Bite. I also had two tiny finnock, onwards and upwards to better tides and better fishing.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Dawn raid

I have a busy weekend planned so took the opportunity to get on the water this morning, first cast 6am. It looked fishy and on my fourth chuck the rod hooped over with the first Sea Trout of the day, fantastic! Almost at the top of my waders in the strong flow I had the fish in the net for a confident start. I reached for the camera to take a quick snap of a nice 2 pound fish only to find the memory card missing and the internal memory full, don’t know how many times I’ve done this. I dropped the fish back in and cleared down some the limited space, not wasting too much time before getting back to business. Time passed and I was thinking the fish had shot past me at some point and was also considering changing lures when I had the slightest of taps, with a couple of stops this was converted into a smaller Sea Trout this time.
This was followed by another, slightly bigger fish which put up a scrap punching above its size in the tide before a quick visit to the net and making its onward journey.
These little features are great, with the undulating bottom these small gaps provide spots for the fish to hold up, rest or ambush passing food items. Even when these are covered by a few feet of water you can spot the signs. Three of fish this morning came from spots like this, hundreds of yards from the main flow.
I was thinking of wrapping it when I had another little fat fish in good order to end a fairly productive 2.5 hours session. Now for a day looking at flooring and kitchen appliances .....


Monday, 10 April 2017

On a long shot

Leading up to Grand National weekend Jim and I had planned our own long shot with a trip to target large Brown Trout that inhabit a remote highland loch. I had planned to fish another loch in May with the same target so we made joint plans to give it a crack together. These fish we were after would be around 4 pound and above, sometimes considerably more, aren’t exactly numerous but they are there to be had. With a reasonable plan and some luck we agreed it would be worth the effort. I met Jim after driving to the venue when I finished work and we set up camp, in some luxury I might add. We had some food and opened a few bottles as we got the gear ready. We had a late night and a late start the next day but with no travelling time for a change we could afford that luxury.
All the gear and half an idea-we were in business

We spent about half of the first day throwing some budgies in a gusting 20mph wind with some drizzle. Jim had a Pike about 4 pounds and I had the smallest Pike I’ve caught in a while. This however was my first Pike on a fly; not exactly a significant capture but it brought a smile to my face on dour day.

We tried to escape the wind which was funnelling down the loch, some ducking and diving and Jim started day two with another Pike.

Having spawned the Pike were in a lean condition but they did add the odd bit of action while searching for trout. The first sign of these came to my rod. After casting out a Brown Trout pattern Rapala the lure swung around behind the boat and just at the angle you might expect a take a big Brownie hit it and went about 3 feet in the air. Unfortunately for me the line went slack ,the chance was gone. It did provide some encouragement and we refocused our efforts once again.
We started to pick up some nice trout but we did have a few setbacks. The weather wasn’t great,  the  fish finder failed and most likely, the area we ended up fishing as a result of this wasn’t renowned for the biggest specimens the loch can throw up.

While I appreciate they look of a good Sea Trout in freshwater mode I had forgotten how easy these fish are on the eye.
Lovely wild Brownies
On Saturday night the wind dropped and the loch was a much friendlier place. We agreed we could have been in a remote corner of Canada. We had the chance to relax and appreciate the surroundings, lovely sunset and a couple of fish, the world was a good place. It had been great to just completely get away from it all for a few days.
Back at base camp things however had deteriorated somewhat, stocks of Malbec had hit rock bottom, thanks to me. Jim’s Merlot had to be plundered and we realised the trip was coming to an end. I had arrived wearing a suit and over the course of a couple of days transformed into wandering around base camp in merino wool long johns and a bunnet, just what I needed as it happens. Thanks Jim for your hospitality, looking forward to our next adventure.



Monday, 3 April 2017

Grind and find them

The fishing was as variable as the weather, decent at some points and downright horrible in others, spring time fishing in Scotland I guess. I spent a couple of days trying to track down some big fat Perch at the weekend. There were a few other anglers doing likewise. With nobody giving too much away I’ve no idea how their sessions went but our goal would have been the same at this time of year, a fish with height and girth, the biggest fish of all some might say, in the Perch fishers’ world at least. I kind of agree. I enjoy fishing for them.
It was an all season weather weekend with the wind constantly changing direction and strength with sun and rain in the mix. It was wearing me down at few points but the thought of  getting that one fish I was looking for I stuck with it. But it wasn't to be, that's fishing. If I had more time this month I would take a week off and go at it, now's the time for the mama. It was hard going mind, would probably need another week off after peddling  around after them, suppose I could do a Lance Armstrong, get a blood transfusion mid week maybe?
This was the first Perch I measured

I was perhaps into double figures in terms of the size and two a little longer than the fish above over the course of the weekend. To be fair it was more of famine than a feast on my trip, I fished hard for these. I had the feeling the fish were somewhere else completely and perhaps I could have launched in a different spot on day two. The big Perch are here, having caught them in the past it's just a matter of putting in the time and the legwork.
Now for something different. I have a three day trip with Jim later this week. I've no idea in the slightest how we'll get on but I am motivated enough to give it a shot. Best foot forward, we've got the gear and most of an idea. Till next time.