Sunday, 29 January 2012

Only one team in Ayrshire

Had a day out at the League Cup semi final yesterday and there was some banter to be had with some of my Ayr sea angling club mates.

It took an extra time goal to beat the "Honest Men" The pictures got worse as the day went on so sorry about the blurred images of the female contingent of our party of merry supporters. It was probably how the actually appeared to me at the time....out of focus and furry around the edges

Friday, 13 January 2012

Welcome to 2012!

Not much been happening fishing wise so my blog has been neglected. I missed the last club match of 2011 as a result of day surgery on the 28th of December but don't think I missed much due to the weather.

Feeling a little stir crazy so will be out an about within the next two weeks. My blog is now into its 4th year and in 2011 had over 4500 hits and strangely I thought a good number of these from some far flung places...worldwide!

I don't foresee as many posts in the coming year as I had over 90 fishing sessions/days last year and as it stands I don't see that number being repeated this year.

So thank you to all those that have shown an interest in the blog and all the best for 2012