Monday, 29 August 2016

Worth a try

I decided to push up the river and explore an area that I don’t know much about. It was lovely morning and I didn’t feel as lethargic as I have on my two recent visits here.
The water level had dropped around two feet since last Monday along with a sharp drop in temperature overnight. I had a kind of feeling it might be difficult today.
I focused my attention on the left bank, it has decent depth with lots of tree roots and shade on what was a bright day. There also seemed to be enough signs of prey for Perch with fry shooting around and a few fish topping. I felt I fished it effectively searching the water and focusing on the likely spots. All I had to show for about 2.5 hours was a single jack.
I dropped back to familiar territory and started to pick up fish, pretty small but after a barren few hours in the sun they were more than welcome. They seemed to be in dour mood and most of takes were very subtle today.
I had 5 or 6 Perch like these and the rest were tiny.
I might try the area again when the water level rises- might be worth another shot.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Another plan B

My intention was to be on Skye this weekend but minor car trouble put pay to that for the time being. Another plan B operation was deployed resulting in really enjoyable local session.

The rod was bent to the butt eye on a regular basis when I found the spot. Laughing, sitting alone, floating on a piece of plastic on a Saturday night in Ayrshire-who would have thought it. Pollack are just a lot of fun.
Cuckoo Wrasse, Ballan Wrasse, Pollack ,Coalfish and Mackerel made up the species tally.
It was a nice evening for the most part, maybe should have stuck with my drysuit right enough. The ride back in was lumpy and wet when the wind kicked up from the East after the sun set.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Staying flexible

With the ragworm gone yesterday and weather still a bit up and down I dropped back to the fresh stuff today. High winds and rain in the morning led to a lovely afternoon which saw me fall asleep in the sunshine during a lull in the action. It was like two completely different days. I opted to mix it up again, drop shot worm and lure – the Perch were having both. To disprove my theory from previous bait/lure sessions the best fish of the day took a worm. Only two Bream today but my drysuit is still caked as I made the mistake of bringing this one in for a picture. Another great days fishing with a lot of action. It would be nice to get some light winds so I can go and hunt the Perch- this approach is making me lazy! I’m not too precious about it though, sometimes it pays to be flexible.
I’m reverting back to the centre camera mount next time out. Not sure if the shots I lost were down to the camera focusing on the Lowrance or the rod butt in the foreground, maybe it is was condensation? This was the biggest Perch today-typical.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

A day on the float

Once or twice a year I head to this spot, normally to float fish for the Wrasse that inhibit the kelp here. It was a traditional trip for Rodney and me over the years, tragically he passed away last September. We had a lot of fun here, plenty of fish - good times. I’ve used lures and ledgered for them but there’s something about just watching a float bob in the waves. Rodney thought so too, I stuck with this method today.

Gordon had a slow start (he was in Jim's spot from last year ;0) - as usual I provided words of encouragement from my hotspot)
This one had some damage which is healing. There's a bull seal that has no fear- it's a very big animal. No idea if Wrasse are on the menu?
 The Ballan Wrasse were all pretty small today, nothing larger than the two here. What was strange was the incredible numbers of Corkwing Wrasse.
 I usually catch a few, today the mark was loaded. A prolific days' Wrasse fishing on the whole though. I might try again in September with some crab,there should be a lump or two about by then.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

A different angle

This was the second choice venue for today as it would have been pretty sloppy this morning where we initially planned to fish. Gordon was in his SIB and I was in my Outback and plan “B” was to catch a few species again. The venue presents a few hazards so won’t name it for references in searches, if you know it, you know. If you fish it, be very careful.

Going back a number of years when it was in better condition I had some memorable days and nights on here, Conger, Wrasse and Cod including a double shot of 12 pounds and 5 pounds-happy days! It was interesting viewing it from a different angle and using the Lowrance to have a look over the detail on both sides of the structure.

The plan was to scratch around the legs. It produced 16 species the last time Gordon tried this. So, the re-match from a few weeks back was on!
The water was a really odd colour no doubt down to the recent heavy rainfall. The species count was below our expectations, possibly as a result of this. I managed  Ballan, Goldsinny, Long Spined, Short Spined Sea Scorpion, Rock Goby and Mackerel( I think I took todays honours)
I picked up a cracking Ballan Wrasse which Gordon weighed for me - 3 pounds 10oz
The fishing was ok but I wont be hurrying back for obvious reasons. The old pier is showing its age.
This will provide an idea of the structural integrity although some of it is still pretty solid.


Sunday, 7 August 2016

Fishing for Unicorns

I’ve resorted to armchair angling this last week having been knocked sideways by an ear infection. Would never have known this could be such a shit thing. Feels like I've spent a week underwater with a bad hangover and a temperature over 100 for a 24 hour period thrown in the mix, just for a giggle. Not good, day 4 of Amoxicillin and still my hearing is at about 40% ?

If you’ve ever found yourself somewhere on the spectrum of becoming obsessed with one objective check this short film out,£2 on demand @ Vimeo. I can’t say that it cheered me up to be fair, but it is thought provoking. Particulary when you can recognise a little part of yourself in the storyline.
Fishing For Unicorns from Chris Rady on Vimeo.