Thursday, 18 October 2012

Dont you just love the weather?

The balls bounced out the roulette wheel and gone off under a table somewhere. Planning to fish SE Ireland in October is a gamble which has not paid off for me this year or in 2010….

It would seem it's time for plans B through to G. It's a tricky time of year to plan anything.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pastures new

We travelled further than normal this afternoon to try a new mark arguably about 4 months later than we should have done. It would be a short session on a glorious evening on a very fishy area which will see a lot more attention from me next season.

I’ve not given the Yozuri Mag Popper much rod time this year and in fact not caught a fish on it so far. On checking my box it had been left at home. Jamie supplied me one with some nice fresh hooks so I put it to good use….

Off the top in October

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sunset on a Sea Trout season

Before the season draws to close next week I had one more try  but drew a blank. The tides were wrong but having put the rod in the car it was worth an hour before heading back to my hotel. Worth the effort for the sunset.

A mission statement for life
I noticed this parked at a jaunty angle in a car park on my way home today. I thought about hanging around to check out who the driver was out of curiosity. The best advice I got today by a mile.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

First trip of October

I joined Stewart on  his boat on Lock Ken yesterday. The fishing was hard work but we managed  some Pike and Perch. The water level had gone up yet again....must have missed a lot of rain last week.
Where are the Loch Ken legendary Perch ?

As the light went the fishing got a little better and we came across an area with some active fish with  us both getting in on the action

Stewart also gave me this video clip from a trip in August, nice jump in the short clip

Crete Holiday

I got back from Crete mid-week, good times and great weather. We met up with our friends Andy and Charlotte and baby Eloise. Things got off to a shaky start with them arriving before we did to find the hotel we were originally booked into was hovel. We all got moved to here near Agia Pelagia. Nice resort, good food, cracking rooms. I would recommend a stay here as long as you don't mind hills.

View from our room and the beach in the video below

Some of the fish I could recognise from my pre trip homework were Bogue, Saddled Bream, Salema, Parrot Fish, Ornate Wrasse, Rainbow Wrasse and a solitary Octopus. Lynne is feeding the fish some bread in the clip above.

I’ve no doubt there were serious opportunities to catch but I would need to get a boat to get on the Dentex or AJ’s.  I had one crack at the cliffs which were properly dangerous. The one access point for me was a steep slope which turned out to be an hours walk each way in tough terrain…wouldn’t do that again so just fed the fish when snorkelling giving them and me a break.
The hotel was behind the cliff point way into the distance .I tried for a couple of hours but drew a blank.

Ready for a couple of Mojitos