Thursday, 24 November 2016

Four days in Sin City

We had a short trip to Las Vegas recently, it’s some place. Amongst the various shows, trips and fun we had a half day’s fishing booked on the Colorado River. The intention was to target Striped and Smallmouth Bass. Surprisingly, high winds put an end to that. Pretty disappointing really as I’ve no idea when I might be able to do this again. We did however get to the range (again) making the most of some other opportunities that might not come along anytime soon, or indeed at all. If you don’t agree with the current American policy/access to firearms don’t watch this video. Outside of the military, police units as well as the majority of other countries this was a one-time opportunity to shoot some classic weapons. Nothing more.

If you try it, just make sure you’re standing behind your wife when a guy you’ve never met before hands her .357 Magnum. Even more so when it was her idea to go there in the first place :0)

Four days in Sin City from Martin A on Vimeo.