Thursday, 28 June 2012

Last Bass session of June

Another dank night last night so I hope July is better. The Met Office and Windguru got both the strength and direction wrong but Jamie and I dodged on anyway. With the wind almost off my back I started off with a weightless Sluggo and them moved to an Xlayer which produced a couple of hits but nothing solid. Jamie tried a variety of lures with one half hearted splash to show for his efforts. The tide was dropping fast and with only a three hour session on the cards time was running out. As we looked out sea we could see Gannets moving fast, diving covering ground at an incredible rate as they did so moving towards us with tide emptying out the bay. Just at that we got a double hook...

Jamie with the better of the two fish on a baby Patchinko

Me with my fish on a Komomo in joker plate. As well as being happy to see the fish we were pissing ourselves as the rip in my waders at the backside had filled them almost to the waistband. You can see them in the picture below.

The two fish hit the beach at the same time
These are my spare pair.For a laugh I got Jamie to cut them at the bottom to let the water out.

Simple things make you laugh....this was one of them.

I arrived home today to find a new pair of waders replaced under warranty happy days!

Hopefully have some better pictures next time as phone cameras dont cut it in this light. I just got a new Lumix FT20 as you can see with summer here its defo got to be waterproof.

Monday, 25 June 2012

June round up, Tope, Huss, Sea Trout & Bass

Its not all been catching. I fished through the night a couple of weeks back with nothing to show for it ...sore one. The time flew in for me anyway as fishing lures at night is fairly focused with no distractions. It was a calm night and I could hear fish we just got the presentation wrong. 

The weather was nasty across the weekend just past but with it clearing on the Sunday I took my chance and managed to bash some school Bass on SP's. I caught 9 altogether two on a small 2 inch sandeel pattern metal lure and 7 on 4.5 inch Xlayers in Ayu as well as a larger copy of these called a Tsunami which is pictured below. I used these with a 10g jig head on a 2/0 hook.

I had some Sea Trout lastThursday night ... horrific conditions. It rained all night and blew a hooli.I lost 4 fish before I  took 4 on the trot which turned it into a very good night. It seems it was too much for my water proof Olympus which is now dead after leaving it my bag over night. Some bad pictures but the conditions were grim. Not really worth taking the XD card to Boots to get the pics.

 My Hansen lure is now well and truly battered and seen enough action in the last few months to lose the paint.

I joined Gordon to fish the last day of Sharkatag. It was bumper day for anyone near Whithorn with really bad weather the previous few days the fishing made up for it.
Gordon with one of the 29 Tope we had on the Sunday.

Me with one of the 18 Huss.The minute the Tope took a break these were on the baits.

Huss are prone to holding onto to baits till they get to the boat.This Tope followed a Huss up.It let go of the bait which I then held in the tide, fed it a little line and then nailed this Tope...sweet! Double hook ups and follows were a regular occurance.
Willie seen here with a double shot of Huss, him and Stuart had busy day as well.
This is a proper Tope from Graham caught on the Friday. Its a peach at 63 pounds

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Time out

I'm taking some time out from forums, clubs and indeed blogs for the time being. I'll still be fishing. Not really a fan of this chocolate bar to be fair.....but picture and words et cetara

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Blanks & Bats

The only thing on the score sheet last night was a Bat that hit the windscreen on the way down last night. I lost a fish about 2 hours in when it hit the SP and ran into weed and then pulled the hook out in the process. We fished through to dawn and the start of the dropping tide without any reward.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Night Mode

I took a permenant black marker over these two Storm Jointed Thundersticks to give me another option at night.. I've ever really used these classics since I bought them. They have a rattle in them and will move nicely at low speed rod tip up they should be no more than 1ft deep..... ideal

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

East meets West

Scott and Jake travelled through from the east coast today for a little LRF action on Wrasse.

We managed to get Goldsinny, Corkwing and Ballan. There were more Pollack than normal on the mark which made for a couple of interesting scraps. I hit a run of nice fish that took a little 3 inch blue fleck worm stick on a 3.5g jig head with the fish tearing off on some terrific runs.

I also had a few dabs on bait and Scott added a Long Spinned Sea Scorpion. It was a good day to be out and great to see the guys add a few species to their LRF species crusade.

Monday, 4 June 2012

June's account opened

Well that’s the sleep pattern mixed up for the next few days having got in at 5am this morning. I was down in the SW a couple of weeks ago but this was a proper session which covered a lot of miles in the car and on foot. It was shaping up to be a total failure. This fish changed the night taking an SP which was being slowly worked back toward me when it wolfed it about 5 yards out. Something special at night and one thing I’m keen to do more of this year