Thursday, 28 April 2011


Had a few tonight, Aloe Blacc in Oran More, good night. Fish can wait for a while...

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Little Corkers!

Two of nine Corkwing caught tonight. The female would shake the Scottish record of 6oz without a doubt,where are the little digi scales when you need them!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Turnberry Tomato

Decided to take Lynne to Turnberry on Monday, she asked if it was for a Spa and a nice lunch. As you can see she was disappointed and the nearest she got to the hotel and its facilities was around half a mile( in the background to her reading her book)

With a nice surf rolling in and fresh rag and mackerel for bait the targets were flounder with an the outside chance of a school Bass. In the end I would have been better taking a book as the fish were not in the mood to play, we did have a laugh though especially at the colour of my head which now resembles a tomato. Anyway, I will be back a few times later this year as it has some potential but I will be sure to take a hat!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Nearly that time again!

Lure's at the ready, 10+ and we're off. I said I would leave it to the first week in June but I'm tempted to try in the next week or so

Friday, 22 April 2011

More sun, plaice and dabs

Headed south this morning on the quest for a few additional species. The intention was also to have an few casts for an early Mullet. I stopped off and watched the river for 20 minutes but saw nothing that would motivate me to get myself organised, so off I went again. I rigged up two rods, ragworm, squid and crab. I started to pick up a fish here and there, all small stiff again. I did also spend some time trying for a Wrasse but this proved pointless. When the Doggies started to make an appearance it was time for the road, sun still shining with the thought of a chilled cider in the garden keeping me focused on the 2 hour journey home, might end up having a few.....

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Dogs breakfast

A nice early start for me today, too early as it happens, anyway the ongoing species hunt this year is going to get pretty addictive.

I headed up to the Bistro on Loch Fyne this morning which is a mark known to me for producing plenty of fish and strangely enough plenty of species albeit mostly small. Large tides this weekend, good forecast and plenty of bait saw me optimistic about adding four or maybe five to my list. At 6.30am I put two rods out with three hooks apiece baited with variety of offerings, crab, ragworm, squid and mackerel. It didn't tackle long before the rods were nodding with the tell tale sign that some days you might be grateful for... but not today. By 7.20 am I had bumped twelve Doggies up the beach including five double shots without a sniff from my intended targets, by 9.30am the tally was nineteen. I stayed on as I thought if I worked my way through them I would pick something else up but that plan didn't work out!

I had a quick bite to eat and moved on to somewhere I might winkle out something for the list, and so I did. Not anything to be proud of but they all count so I added a Common Blenny and a Dab that brought the tally to eleven species for me so far. I did have a quick shot for a Sea Trout but being the wrong stage of the tide I failed so that will be saved for another day....

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Plaice in the sunshine

Weather forecast was good over the weekend, noted this during the week so the target was a Plaice or two with the potential to a add a few more species to the club's ongoing species hunt.

I headed down to a mark near Portpatrick to hook up with Will and Shane. These lads are keen and love their fishing so much so they were down there on the Saturday night had a session and had slept in the car. Will was duly rewarded with a hard to get fish . In fact so much so it would be pretty difficult to target,not impossible, just very difficult- Spotted Ray !

Baits were crab,worm, mackerel strip and squid. To be honest the fishing was difficult and the mark fished much slower than we would expect. I had a bit of nightmare with aborted bites, missed bites and a nice Plaice dropping off as I lifted it out. Anyway another species knocked off for me and two for Will, good banter and a few fish to boot.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Football or fishing ??

I spent last weekend in Perth with the travelling support of the mighty Killie. A nil nil draw on a pitch as bald as my head. I couldn't do that every weekend, but again like fishing sometimes your there just for a day out. Good company with a few light refreshments but I did probably play in better games when I kicked a ball.

I looked these two classics out today, Daiwa Amorphous Whisker's . The BTB's in better nick for its age than me to be fair. I intend to put these two to some use over the next six weeks or so with maybe Plaice, Flounder, Turbot and possibly an early Smoothie. Bass will start to make an appearance around now not to mention Mullet at the end of the month.

The lure gear was dusted down, Ireland's been booked since January and July wont be long till its here so happy days!