Friday, 15 April 2016

How many lures do you need?

I took a detour after work this evening only to find I had left my bag at home this morning. I had 3ft of leader tied to my braid from my last session and one lure in the boot. Not a great start. After an hour I spotted two fish move just a few feet from the rocks, despite some clumsy footwork to get in position I managed to hook up and land one of them.
The TG-4 and Joby grip combination is working out well. While letting the fish revive in the net I have the camera set to take two frames at 2 second intervals on custom setting. Handy for me, better for the fish if I want to take a picture.

It’s about time to dust down the Perch gear. I can feel a drop-shot session coming soon.


Saturday, 9 April 2016

A quick fix

I didn’t think I would manage out this weekend but squeezed in a 2.5 hour session to scratch the itch. I spent more time driving than fishing but it was worth it.

This Sea Trout took an epoxy minnow teaser fished below a Kinetic D 360 in-line. I was fortunate to land it with trailing hooks in amongst lots of weed and large boulders. Fishing a teaser like this can be effective but not without risk. The better Sea Trout I catch always play a little dirty using any obstructions in the vicinity. After a quick change of leader I was back in business for another fish before heading home.

Brand Philosophy

It’s fair to say I’m a fan of Patagonia clothing but I’m not a label tart. Functional, practical and certainly value for money when you shop around, their gear just works. When it gets to a point that it stops working the company will repair it and post it back free of charge.
Now and then over the years while doubling up on wading duty this Torrentshell jacket has seen better days. The zip has failed as a result of wear and exposure to saltwater. My mate Scott is not a fan of my Cilantro green shell so he'll be glad to see the red one on my back again.
My Retro X vest is in a similar state.
This item along with my R1 Hoody is pretty much my go to set up for most of the year in Scotland. I should have sent the hoody for repair the last time I used their repair facility. It’s now in tatters around the sleeves after countless encounters with hooks and fences. I’m told that I might well receive a new one for my birthday as my wife’s sick looking at it.
Yes please!

Hello Martin,

Thank you for sharing our Brand Philosophy: Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle and Reinvent. In order to start the repair process, please print out the form enclosed and send it together with the item to be repaired to our repair center in Portugal. Patagonia will pay for the repair costs and the shipping costs from the repair center to you. You only need to bear for the shipping to our repair center. We kindly advise you to send the parcel with track-and-traceTypical turnaround time for repairs - with shipping - is about four to five weeks, but may be longer during periods of high volume. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help.
All the best!

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Big moments in small packages

I see the fish jump clear of the water and aim my next cast in front of where I think the fish now is. Working the lure I add a few pauses but all too quickly I’m running out of water. I can track the white side of my offering on every other turn, maybe the fish is there? I see the subtlest of creases in the calm water behind the lure, probably my imagination? Even with low light polarised glasses I still don’t see a fish. One last spin stop and it’s now or never, the Sea Trout knows it, so do I. On a short line the fish goes airborne, once, twice, three times and it’s deep in the fringe of floating bladder wrack before being scooped up by a well-placed net.
90 seconds from start to finish but just magic. At this time of year in Scotland there’s no other fish I would rather be chasing.

I have to thank Sam for any fish I caught today, he had an old room with a view over the Easter break. They’ve been there all along mate and I think we both agree that the grass isn’t always greener.