Saturday, 26 November 2011

Scottish Species caught 2011 - 45

No fishing for me this weekend. I've officially wrapped up my challenge and gave up on my target of 50 Scottish species for 2011, still 45 ain't too shabby. Sometime ridiculous and definitely obsessive I've enjoyed it. Back to normal for 2012, 7 pound Mullet and 20 pound Eel from the shore being the next set of objectives as well as resuming lure fishing for Bass.With the exception of my trip to Wexord in July this was non existent this year so it will be a long wait till June.

2011 Scottish Species- Cod, Coalie, LSD, SSSS, Grey Gurnard, Pouting, Spurdog, Thornback, Plaice, Dab, Common Blenny,Corkwing, Smut, Flounder, Ballan, Common Eel, Herring, Mack, Whiting, Tub Gurnard, Goldsinny, Turbo, Bass,Pollack,Scad, Tope, TL Mullet, Rock Goby, Common Goby,Sea Trout,Launce,Haddock,Cuckoo Wrasse,Bull Huss,Poor Cod,Rock Cook, Dragonet,Black Goby, Conger, Ling, Sand Goby,LSSS,Shore Rockling,Weaver,Black Mouth Dog

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Something or nothing

Nice weather, too much optimism given the forecast and a long day. If you put all the variables into the mix time, money, tackle losses, number of hours fished and distance travelled you wouldn't leave the house... and some people/anglers don't.

But it's not a business it's fishing and as fisherman you just deal with it. Its what we do.

That aside it pays to be sensible when it comes to what your instincts tell you.... most of the time it pays to listen.

The other side to this is watching the X Factor, cleaning the house or catching up with Internet banking on a Saturday and listening to the general gash that's going on in the world . This makes it easy for me to sometimes make a wrong decision.

One sizable fish for a long days efforts between three anglers.....

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Loch Sunart

I joined Gordon today for a trip north to Sunart. The spurs were hard to locate but we tagged six fish, three each with the best being this 10pound+ fish for Gordon. The weather was smashing, great sunset.