Saturday, 21 March 2015

Perseverance pays off

A frosty start this morning, clear sky and a big tide rolled up in the forecast and I was looking forward to making my first cast. I was in two minds where to start so I made my choice and set about choosing a lure starting with an in-line Kinetic cream/olive UV, a proven catcher. I covered some ground and after walking about 300 yards there was no presence of life, well fish anyway. Three starts here this year, three blanks, the last two years were excellent at this spot but I don’t believe the fish have arrived here yet for whatever reason.

 By about 11.30am I was enjoying the sunshine but losing interest in fishing.  I caught site of a fish following the lure so did a spin stop and it took  it, either I wasn’t quick enough or my hooks were blunt and the fish was gone. On checking the points they were ok but to make the most of this type of take they need to be like needles, easy to get lazy sometimes when you’ve put a good few hours in with no action.
                                Are they in there? Probably were at some point.
I decided on one last move as the tide was now spot on for this mark. I set about changing lures yet again and as I sat on the rocks I caught site of  what I thought was a fish turning on the surface. I watched for a minute or two to make sure it wasn’t a diving bird and then spotted another two fish…excellent, found them at last!

It could have been July, flat calm, warm and gin clear and the fish were in that sort of mode as I had five deep follows and a connection at distance, no idea how it didn’t hook itself as it really banged the tip round. I felt a blank looming.  I had pretty much used all the usual tricks and tactics that normally work, every colour combo and retrieve I had up my sleeve. I called Lynne to say I was just about to head home, had enough I said, remember and get a bottle of wine. As I walked back to the car I decided on ten more casts, if you’re reading this you’ve probably been here.  I tied on the only lure which I hadn’t used today which was a gold and red Pilgrim and belted it as far as I could can’t catch the cauld but I can cast this lure a mile, again, you might also have been here on day like this.

I must have had no more than a dozen turns on the reel when the fish went airborne and seemed to stay there on repeat for a while. As it neared the net I was pretty sure it was planning on climbing in for a nap but it managed a few more summersaults before it took a break. A welcome fish and great to see in the sunshine after such a dour morning.

I made a few more casts at distance and it wasn’t long before I was hooked up again, it couldn’t have been more different. At first I was sure the fish was foul hooked as it felt pretty odd, clearly a better fish but I honestly thought it was hooked in the tail as it made some cracking runs and zig zagged around at speed. A nice fish in very good condition for March.

                                     I think the fish was wrapped at some point
A dog walker that I had been speaking with me did the honours. I wasn’t sure he even pressed the button, after two takes the fish had to go back and I’ve had to crop fingers out both pictures.

I should take up cricket, this was a great catch, check the concentration.