Wednesday, 15 June 2016


It was a nice break but a week was way too short. When I managed to get out fishing it was more of a miss than a hit. I picked up a severe infection in both feet which curtailed me somewhat. The upside to this was it made for a more relaxing time over last few days. The unsettled windy weather wasn’t helpful and the last morning was typically the flattest day since we arrived. I still blanked over a couple of hours hobbling along the rocks and beach. I could however see things changing a little and there were a few signs of life.

When I arrived here it seemed things were just the same as they were six years ago on my last visit but it seemed to change overnight. I hadn't spotted a Pelican since Wednesday and the beach, compared to 6 years ago was almost devoid of crabs. Neither seemed to like the conditions. I even threw in a couple of bread rolls one evening and these remind untouched. So no monster Jacks from the beach this time around unfortunately. Having caught a new species and number of fish on my birthday last Tuesday as well as a few fish on Wednesday I'm happy at that.
We stayed at the Riu Yucatan this time, nice hotel. We had some wildlife at close quarters in the grounds.
Howler monkeys woke us up most morning. One particular male somewhere in the trees  liked to tell us who was king of the swingers about 6am.
I spotted these flying insects and climbed a tree to take this shot in macro mode. It was still a reach and I was struggling to keep my balance.With the sunlight on them it didn't turn out exactly as I wanted but it's still an interesting shot.
They did not like the attention and started to swarm me. Before I picked up more insect bites or another injury I got out of dodge.
A common pet for some. I think these are spiny tail Iguana which could be spotted most afternoons.
These were real characters tearing around the hotel grounds at dusk and dawn. Common Agouti which are related to guinea pigs. Some are the size of a small dog. Not that you see it in this shot but they have long legs and are quite fast and agile. They seemed to freak a few nervous visitors out initially till they got used to them.
I cant remember what these bird are but they are very common. They would have the fillings from your teeth though. Turn your back at breakfast or lunch and they would be off with what was on your plate. 
I took this while lying down on a sun lounger. Lynne had a snack at the time and it watched on waiting for an opportunity - as we all do I suppose.


Friday, 10 June 2016

I can blank anywhere

I’ve been lucky and had very few blank sessions this year but today it was my turn. The tides have moved on and the weather is more unsettled. I’m now fishing the drop and not the start of the flood. Having a couple of hours at dawn suits me but even in the short space of time I’ve been here I’ve noticed the general activity changing as the tides do what they do here and at home. I did however see the intended target about 7am this morning. From my position on the rocks in the background in one of the images below I spotted two big Jack Crevalle. They were moving fast and hard on the bottom, they are here.
I  also had half an hour on the beach this afternoon thinking the Palometa would at least put a bend in my fly rod. These were noticeably absent from the various spots in the gutter at the start of the beach. I'm told I'm having a rest day tomorrow:0)
One last cast as always



Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Smashing time

I’m now in the market for a new pair of Costas after a minor accident yesterday. I’ve had these since about 2002, they’ve done well to survive this long. Ironically of all the places they’ve been and could have been lost or broken I dropped them lense down on the floor as I entered my room.
I put the fly rod to work yesterday afternoon and had some fun with the Palometa. They took a fancy for a Petterson breeding shrimp fished along the gutter about five yards off the beach. Line management wasn’t great with breaking waves and getting the fly line caught between my toes regularly. Let’s face it though, not the worst problem to have.
Stormy conditions this morning with lightning on the horizon at dawn. The fishing was slow. There were a few Needlefish around and I also managed a couple of Cero Mackerel before it was time for breakfast.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Playa del Carmen

First session this morning, the place is alive with Needlefish and unfortunately also mozzies.The stretch of beach I’ve decided to fish has scrub directly behind it. This seems to be a good environment for insect life! Quite a few fish about as well so I’ll see what I can pick up during the week ahead.
Yellow Jack ( I think)

Friday, 3 June 2016

Dead sticking for dummies

Sometimes work puts me in the right place at a time that suits me. So I managed a short session after I finished work today. I all but packed in Bass fishing in 2015 with only a couple of blank sessions fairly early on, my angling efforts were spent elsewhere.
It was nice to get a fish at my first attempt this year.
The deadly technique - cast the surface lure out, close the bail arm, hold the rod between my legs and adjust my glasses while putting my hat on - at the same time wait for the rod to be pulled from between my knees.

Unusually I also had a Garfish crash the lure shortly afterwards. I did catch one in 2014 but these on whole appear to be few and far between. Apart from one follow that was it, can’t complain really as I recognise luck when I see it.