Thursday, 18 September 2014

Hobie Outback

I’ve been considering a Hobie Outback for a while and I’m well down the road in the thought process behind owning one. Given the investment of money and what would be time I’ve a decision to make I guess. It would open some doors in terms of Bass fishing in the SW Scotland; something I don’t think is being done on a regular basis by anyone.  The access it would provide for predator fishing particularly for Perch interests me a lot. It’s been 7 years since I sold my Warrior and at the moment I don’t have the ability to put a tow bar on my company car so boat ownership is out.

So, if anyone out there has 1-2 year old Outback, get in touch.

Friday, 12 September 2014

September surface action

I’ve been kicking my heels for a while after taking some time off work following on from surgery on my nose. I managed out this week on the big tides we have at the moment, no specimens but good fun on surface lures. Some of the takes were brilliant and although I’ve not fished as much as I would have liked this season this aspect of it has been really enjoyable.
I’ve three Mag Poppers left and these are showing their age. I’m sure one has a leak as the weight transfer system in the lure doesn’t always work as the ball bearings seem to stick. These are like gold dust and if you happen to come across the 105mm pattern snap them up, Bass love them.

I had a couple of fish on the Z Claw as well. I like this lure in a flat sea.

I might have got a few more fish if I stayed on well into darkness but I had to work the next day.

So I got my fix and ended up on five fish. No fishing this weekend and it will be a complete change of scenery with Zander and Perch on the GUC next weekend. As well as the usual tactics I’m going to spend some time trying for a Zed on the fly.