Sunday, 20 February 2011

Careful what you wish for

The conditions have been good this last week with easterlies blowing and good bags of fish being produced. We hoped that this wind direction would continue at the weekend, it did but just too much, 30mph with gusts to 50mph to be precise.

Safety was the first concern for the club match so we switched from our chosen venue to Ferryden. This gave us protection from the howling SE's. It started well with a few fish early on this faded fast and as the tide started to empty the flow grew stronger and the tackle losses also grew in proportion. Not to worry, we all came home safe with a fish or two.

Check Will out in this pic .I'm sure he thinks he's on the cover of FHM lol

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Been very quite, Ola 2011!

I fished the Loch Sunart shark tagathon in November, good craic, poor fishing two years back to back for me I'm afraid. I will be giving it a miss this year

I had a shot for Cod on the east coast in December, couple of fish good day out.

Tried again in January in the first club match of the year. Calm and clear conditions with the worst possible wind direction did not fill me with confidence. I managed these fish and added another three to end on eight, second in the match to a six fish bag. I was pretty pleased given it looked like a long and uneventful night lay ahead, you just never know sometimes...