Saturday, 24 February 2018

Lean machine

Nice to be out again two weeks on the bounce. I cant complain, would have liked a better picture of this fish, preferably in June, when it will have packed on some weight.

       4 jumps and a couple of nice runs before it was slipped back, 52.5cm

I had a couple of other fish as well, nice day when I was out of the wind. The week ahead looks fun, amber weather warnings and the beast from the east! I'll be giving it a miss next weekend anyway, hopefully we'll be in a milder spell next time out. 

Like a few other bloggers I'll start listing the gear I use on my sessions. I'll update any posts made  this year on the off chance it's of interest to anyone reading my blog now and in the future. 

  • Rod- Century HPR 9ft 5-28g
  • Reel-Daiwa Exceler 2500HA
  • Braid- Sufix 832 0.14
  • Leader- Seaguar  Red Label fluro10 pound BS, Riverge 2mm ring connection
  • Lures-Magic Minnow D360,black/silver and "the German"UV Tyskeren

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Everyday is like Sunday

River at full pelt , not surprisingly the water level was way up in the loch with the snow melt. I switched on the Lowrance , 2.8c ,oh dear... That is very cold, ever the optimist I pushed off in to the greyness with an earworm and Morrissey's lyrics in my  head. 

All of the above I chose to ignore...

Not much to show for a days fishing, at least one Pike fancied a snack, the free hanging treble was pinned to right of the last tooth mark, in the root of the tail, typical.

I opted to float fish a sardine at one point but I had also underestimated how cold it was. I couldn't hack it after 20 mins sitting still. My layering under my drysuit wasn't right today, something I'm putting down to hurried prep last night. No hot drink either, schoolboy errors really.

I made some nice trippy screen shots with the plotter screen on structure scan overlay, the wind caught me and I spun around. I've not used this much but played around with it today being cold and bored senseless for the most part.

One of my perch spots on the top right, it kind of adds a dimension as you travel. I should get my arse in to gear and set up Insight Genesis. That's job for next week, it could just help me catch that one fish on day like today when everything was stacked against me. 

So I'm having a glass of wine  and drying my eyes, boo hoo.... Not sure what to get up to next weekend? It wont be here:0)

  • Rods -Savage Gear 7ft Big lure/jerk 150g/ Rovex Quad Pro 8ft 20-40g
  • Reels-Okuma Citrix/Daiwa Caldia X
  • Line Powerpro 60pound/Sufix Tritanium 18pound
  • Lures- various, Westin Monster Teez,Fox Pro Shad, Bass Assassin Sea Shad
  • Hobie Outback/Lowrance 7Ti

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Morethan acceptable

The sea trout season started last week, on a Sunday as it happens. As such , I had to to wait till today to get my fix, it's been months since I crunched some shingle under my boots! My Century HPR stayed in the car on this occasion as I had a new rod to play with today. I recently picked up a brand new Daiwa Morethan AGS 88M Shooting Commander for Savage Gear money off of eBay. It would need to be some rod to take the place of the Century for my sea trout fishing so I was keen to see what I made of it.

 The first spot I that tried a seal popped up within minutes so I moved about 100 yards away. It wasn't active and stayed where it was, it looked like it was sleeping, probably on a full belly. I did have few light knocks, these were transmitted down the blank much better than I would have imagined. This would have been greatly improved if the fore-grip was an inch shorter. I found not being able to put my forefinger on the blank annoying. That aside,it was certainly sending the 18g D360 line thru out some distance and I had to hold back as I could empty the braid spool on my Daiwa 2500. The AGS is 8inches shorter than my Century and it did take me a short while to sort my casting out, both rods are very different ,certainly a nice rod to fish with though.

 The best way I can describe the subtle takes you get from seat trout sometimes is that it's almost like a vibration. I felt this and on the third stop the fish took the lure, almost under the rod tip.
The usual thrashy close range scrap ensued with the fish  lodging itself in some bladder wrack but that was this years account opened at least.

After a move the sun came out, and when it did, it helped me spot some fish following the lure. Putting stops in the retrieve made no difference and after changing lures a few times I tried a teaser below the lure.

This got me two small sea trout in four casts, nice when it works like that!
This is the set up, oval split ring to the treble, heavy fluro from the hook eye to fly. 
It looks industrial, it can tangle and don't even think about it with suspended weed in the water. It will do your head in. It is however effective with a sparsely tied fly. I vary the length of this section, today it was about 8 inches of 19 BS pound Seaguar Ace Hard.
 It has to be pretty stiff and abrasion resistant or you just spend more time sorting tangles and worrying about it breaking.

Having had one last move I was walking between some trees with my net across my back from my shoulder to my hip. I'm never far away from some bawbaggery and today was no different. I clearly misjudged the gap in the trees, my net got caught on both sides, it gave a crack and broke into several pieces. I swore and told myself that I needed a new net anyway, at the same time, keep the new rod out the trees....
I had one other fish before the seals took over, four of them this time, out gunned by the locals I headed back to my car. Hopefully on Sunday I'll get my first Pike of the year.
In truth, I bought the rod for use on my kayak and also as a back up to my HPR for shore bass fishing. I think it will be great for that. The rods poky and with a casting rate of 7-40g I suspected it would be too heavy for my sea trout fishing and I was correct, in all but the most extreme conditions. These rods are known to be fragile, the guides cost a packet to replace if you break one, would I pay the RRP for one? No I wouldn't.

In terms of what it cost me it was great value, roll on summer and the start of my bass fishing.

  • Rod- Daiwa Morethan AGS 7-40g
  • Reel- Daiwa Exceler  2500HA
  • Braid -Sufix 832 0.14
  • Leader- Seaguar Red Label 10pound fluro/ connection Riverge 2mm ring
  • Lures -Magic Minnow D360 UV sinking wedding, black/silver and Hansen Herring black/red, white/red. 

Monday, 29 January 2018

True extreme fishing!

When you can't get out at least you can dream.....

expedition TAIMEN from Black Fly Eyes on Vimeo.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

When the sun was shining and the fish were biting

Another couple of clips I found on my hard drive, think this was June last year.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Off we go again

So welcome to 2018 and Happy New Year to anyone dropping into my blog for the first time this year. I was thinking about blogging a retrospective look at last year but decided against it, with one exception. I’m sure there will be plenty to look forward to in the year ahead with some luck.

Hands down, favourite fish of last year, a superb saltwater sea trout, I’m allowing myself this one.

After suffering back to back migraines on Friday and Saturday I decided that I was still going ahead with another Pollack session on Sunday. I had made my mind up that win or lose it would be the last direct shot at them for a while. I’ve had Pike on my mind occasionally , the sea trout season starts shortly and I’ve got something I’ve wanted to try for a while knocking around my skull. I’m surprised I’ve not heard of anyone fishing here on a boat, certainly in recent years and never on a kayak that I can recall. Now, there might well be a reason for this. The idea however won’t go away, so the first chance I get I’ll be off to a spot that produced the biggest conger I’ve caught as well as some other bits and pieces. Also, if I were a spawning Pollack I might be hanging around here as well at the moment, we’ll see.

My first fish of the year, a modest Pollack, a nice bend in the rod on the first trip of the year shortly after sun up. What’s not to like?
It was a good day for numbers if not so much for the size. The upper water temperature had dropped by about 2c so I wondered what mood they might be in. What surprised me was how high in the water the fish were hitting the lure at times, also, how fast they wanted it. From frustrating tentative plucks, to the lure disappearing out of site, mixing up my colours seemed to help. I did try adding strip baits to some curtail worms to see if this tempted any bigger fish but had no response from any fish at all.
Hot pink and chartreuse lime seemed to get the best response in the bright conditions, not my go to choice but the Pollack told me what they wanted. When I've used the Bass Assassin Turbo Shad I’ve noticed they love to hit this on the drop. It has nice paddle and thin wrist, can imagine that making its presence felt falling through the water.
I played around with an extension pole to my RAM mount but it's very top heavy due to battery I'm using with my GoPro. I'll make some changes and try to get some different type of shots for both still images and video in the months ahead.

  • Reels-Daiwa Certate 10 3000/Daiwa Exceler 2500HA
  • Rods-Savage Gear XLNT 9-32g, Shimano Vengeance 20-50g
  • Braid- Sufix 832 0.20
  • Leader- Seaguar Ace Hard 20 pound
  • Lures-Bass Assassin turbo shad, SG sandeel, Berkley ripple shad,Tronixpro fire tails
  • Hobie Outback/Lowrance 7Ti

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Battered on boxing day -over and out for 2017

Hail, rain and more wind than was forecast. The swell was also very tricky and saw me turn back when I got to where I was heading, it was just too awkward and potentially dangerous. The fishing wasn't anywhere near as good as my last trip but I  still managed about ten fish. A quick check on Windguru  before writing this post tells me it's probably over for me  for 2017. Still, great to be out today working off the turkey and port!