Sunday, 4 November 2018

Test drive time

Three years in and I'm thinking of a change of ride. My Outback's served me well, changed my fishing completely and I've done pretty much all of the things I had set out to do with it. Over the last couple of weeks I've started thinking about next year and how that might pan out. It has to be said that the rekindling of my interest in bass fishing has something to do with me considering a change. Time for a test drive of a Revolution 16. I'll probably be in for a shock going from rock solid platform like an Outback, to what on the face of it, looks like an edgier boat. I don't suppose the perfect do it all fishing kayak exists and I might argue for and against for both. For me opening up areas of coast that don't get much or any fishing pressure is tempting. Not that Scotland is exactly shoulder to shoulder fishing, even at the worst of times. Having the ability to do some of the trips I want to do should be possibly made easier with more range and speed. I'll have a look anyway, failing that I'll just dodge on with my red barge for 2019.

The 16 is the middle boat, flanked here by a couple of Revo 11's and a 13. Also pictured is an orange Hobie Sport. My Outback is the same kind of shape as the sport but about 3 feet longer.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Signing out with some silver

It's been a short season for me but that's my bass fishing done and dusted till May next year. I was out on the water in the lull after storm Callum and blanked with only mackerel to show for four hours fishing. I tried an area that I wasn't that confident about in the first place. Essentially the only spot I could find some water that wasn't manky! 

 I had six hours on the water today, the air temperature was -5 when I packed the car, sea temperature outwith the shallow fringes was 10-11.5c. I struggled to find the fish. I then had two in three casts on a white FBM, both on the drop. Still fish to be had ,but it's now making less sense to me now with four hour round trips, short days and dropping water temperatures.
These fish were little heavy chunks, they seem to have filled out over the last month or so.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Sandy, if at first you don't succeed...

A few months back Sandy mentioned he fancied catching a common skate. The biggest fish he's caught before was a fine 28 pound salmon. Over few conversations a plan was hatched to have an attempt at smashing this, pulling a few back muscles and working up a sweat! I had warned him it wasn't for everyone, possibly me included these day, but we pushed on regardless with the idea and booked a trip with the guys at Seadog Charters out of Ardfern.

I met Sandy at 6am sharp and we set off on the long drive arriving with enough time for a bacon roll and a coffee before pushing off at 9am. This was last Tuesday, and as you know, if you live in Scotland, it's been a tad windy lately with next to no sign of giving it a rest for the foreseeable. In all honesty I knew it would be a real challenge dealing with it, getting to the deeper water, and that was before we started thinking about the fish. We anchored up in a spot at about 50 metres that the guys have had a few fish before, not the best spot, but workable with a chance of a fish. I think the size of the baits surprised Sandy as the lads baited up with a couple of mackerel and large octupus. We dropped the baits and got to waiting, laving a few laughs and enjoying the weather....
With four big baits out and about three hours gone and nothing doing, we opted to drop a single rod with a smaller bait down to see what was around. It had hardly touched the bottom when it was taken. This produced a Thornback for me. Sandy was up next, think he had a dogfish and then a Thornback, then it was just dogfish from there on in. I was kind of hoping that a few Spurdogs might have made an appearance to break things up a bit. The guys mentioned they were in the deeper water in numbers. I can imagine with 1-4 pounds of lead on and with the constant re-baiting, it might be a chore with the big rods at times. It got to the last knockings when Sandy lifted into something on the small rod. Now anyone who's done this type of fishing will know how Skate have an uncanny knack of landing on the smallest baits and lightest rods. To be fair, I thought this was exactly what had happened and I was thinking, here we go for two hours! Sadly it turned out to be the mother of all tangles. With 4 huge baits and 8 pounds of lead we could have been forgiven for thinking we were in. Given how rough it was I secretly think Sandy was actually relieved. So unfortunately, no Skate on this trip but we've agreed to have another crack at it in the spring. The pain will stay deferred for another day!

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Still dodging the autumn storms

A small weather window opened up, and at a weekend for a change. I got my gear ready on Thursday night as I knew to make the most of it I would have to be on the road early Saturday morning. My intention was to put eleven hours in to make the most of the opportunity. Unfortunately I had to cut this session short as I felt the start of an ocular migraine coming on. Not had one for a while now and the timing was bad. Nobody would want to be on a kayak with one of those. I sat in the car for an hour or so till I felt I was able to drive home. Having looked at the weather for the next week it's disappointing to only have had half the time I wanted on the water.

Anyway, I'll keep pushing on if I can , weather permitting. The numbers of fish is encouraging but 50+cm Bass are few and far between, for me at least. 82 Bass now on lures since the start of July and just more than a hand full over that size. I'm maybe doing something wrong? I'll be doing a few exploratory night sessions next season for sure. I just need to be out there more in all probability, think that was session twelve yesterday, not a lot in the scheme of things by comparison to the hardcore guys.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Ducking for cover

As Mick Jagger once sang, you can't always get what you want, so were afloat again anyway. Hiding from a raging sea and high winds about the only place we could fish ,targeting bass again was the MOG. Jamie and I were both keen to get a few more fish before the season comes to an end, mainly due to the weather than the lack of Bass from here on in till November.
It was a nice day under the cliffs
We picked up some small Pollack before I caught a Bass in the middle of a tide rip, hooked in the root of the tail on a FBM, a first for me, being weedless that took some doing I would imagine.
I had two a little bigger, the others were like this, typical school bass that are around at the minute.

I had just got off the radio to tell Jamie to hold fire heading to where I was at, he was paddling to my area and the tide was drifting me along at 2mph, against the wind ! I had a confused sea and it looked like it was getting worse by the second. It didn't come to much and he eventually made his way to me. He was probably motivated by the fact I had got on the radio while playing a cracking fish I hooked while trolling back to start my drift. I turned the kayak to face it and saw it throwing water about on the surface about 50 yards back, lots of heads shakes. When I got close to it it went deep and had solid weight and made a few nice runs. It was at the point I reached for the net and said to myself that this is a great way to hit the number 70 that the hook came out. I used most of the four letter words I know and set off on the up tide journey to meet Jamie who was positioning himself to start. I got myself fish 70 about 10 mins later, the fifth of the day, but the one one that unbuttoned itself was still a sore point.

So a short session, had worse days, we both caught Bass, we would rather have been somewhere else though. Still, great to be out again, but the camera gremlins are back, some real issues on the timer I just cant work out.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Skinning Up

The last of the Mag Poppers/Duel Aile Mags? I'm sure there are a few tucked away in tackle boxes and garages, here is my stash. Discontinued about 4 years ago they changed hands for daft money(still do) Great lure that just inspires confidence for me when it comes to surface work. These will do me till for a long time, being surface lures they are rarely lost. They were made in three sizes 90mm, 105mm and 125mm. The favoured one on the UK Bass scene being the 105mm/18g, probably in HAJ, above, the fourth one down.

I picked up a couple more at a sensible price last week, mainly due to them being the least favoured colours. Personally I like white having painted a couple, to be fair I was happy with that, but thought I could try Jigskinz on the others. You can see a video of how this is done HERE

It's easy enough, cut to size for length, hole for the hook hanger, job done. I did cock one up, a new one at that. The face of this lure is where the magic happens, when I was trimming the face end I cracked/gouged the edge of one. If you need to do this make sure your craft blade is sharp! I'll try and repair it a little but I'm not too hopeful it will last. They do crack eventually and when water gets in the weight transfer system stops working, they then cast like crap. It casts best with a longish drop and a snap cast. Anyway, will see how the Jigskinz wear and report back. I bought these from the Lure Lounge, Mackerel, Cigar Minnow and Mullet. I really like the over size eye, one thing I've done in the past is take a sharpie on the ones I've painted and make the eye at least twice as big. Does it make a difference? Not sure, but on the pause they have a wee while to look at the lure if they're not convinced. I would like to have seen a bone pearl skin or a few other patterns, the full range might become available over here in the UK at some point.

I left two as they were, they might get a coat of white paint in the future.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

The good, the bad and the ugly

It was an absolute privilege to be launching before dawn on a morning like this. I was genuinely excited to be here and it was good to have company exploring the area, turning over stones and trying to work things out. There were a number of things that went wrong today but when the fishing was this enjoyable, at the end of the day, it just has to be laughed off.

The fishing was good, certainly a numbers game. I broke my yak session record by a good margin and managed a lovely fish on a smashing morning.
The bad, Jamie lost his iPhone 7 in the drink! Hard luck squire, easy done.
A fish before sunrise with the full day ahead, worth taking the day off  work for.

The ugly, me getting blazae when handling fish. Yes, it happened again, also with a bass on the lure. Not as easy to sort out as it was a few weeks back and I'm glad Jamie was there to assist. That said, he did paddle off after taking the treble off the lure. He went kind of white watching me trying to get it out. I couldn't cut it or push it through. Even with a flattened barb it took some pulling. Jamie said he didn't hear me. I hardly use hard lures so I'm doing well at the minute.
When the tide turned the wind came with a vengeance, it was a lot harder to fish effectively. My Outback is a weapon to fish lures from but this afternoon pushed it a little.