Friday, 30 April 2010

Mini Tarpon

My dry spell continued tonight albeit with some entertainment. The target was Sea Trout on a dropping tide into darkness. When I locate these fish in the sea any breach on the surface even a slight lump or wake usually pays dividends. The result in my experience is almost always an offer or a follow. Tonight I did this four times and had four hook up’s. On a bad night I would expect to get two from four, tonight was worse with no fish landed. Two of the fish hit the lure and took straight off into the air, second jump and then the slack line you dread. The next two solid head shakes and then the realisation that something’s not right more jumps….same result. I had one other fish follow me right in leaving a nice wave and boil in inches of water, probably the best fish of the night 16 inches or so, I flicked the lure out a short distance thinking the fish was still in the area, it was, same result a nice follow then off. On reflection I think I was a little sore on two of the fish being a bit out of practice. I use a softer rod for this and always nylon as mainline while the Bushie would have been nice to use in my opinion it’s just too quick for ST.

Friday, 16 April 2010

No surprise really

Being in the SW working this afternoon I packed the gear last night with a view to having a few hours this evening. To be fair the planned session was more out of complete optimism than reality, as was the session in March. Having set myself a probably unrealistic target of an early Bass on a lure at least I had to try.

Blank. No surprise really. After a cold winter my enthusiasm has got the better of me. I have however tried some new gear, had some exercise, got the boots on, walked a few miles and found some new marks again. The next two weekends I will be tied up and by that point things will have moved on again.

There was noticeable increase in gannet activity tonight, more sandeels and a few moulted crab shells. No holding the season back now.

Monday, 12 April 2010

The difference a month makes

I will be out this Friday for a quick session after work, the temparature looks a lot better. Here are two views today and this time last month. While far from being confident it's worth a try. I am currently in Inverness and will be at the other end of the country on Friday,,,,,

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Rudd & Roach, something different

I decided after last weekend that the water temperature was still to low and that I was probably, at best about another two weeks away from a realistic chance of a Bass on a lure.

A friend called me on Friday night and suggested that we could have a try for some Roach, Rudd with the possible chance of some small Carp. Never having caught any of these fish in Scotland off we set armed with poles which was another first for me.

The fish here is a Rudd, beautiful little fish. I also caught Roach and Perch but no Carp unfortunately. I can see why people can get addicted to this style of fishing. A Carp would be fun on the elastic…maybe next time. I will need my specs when I try again, light lines, tiny knots and pin heads floats!

I also discussed some coarse fishing tactics which will be useful when Mullet fishing come May.