Monday, 17 December 2012

Loch Sunart- Spurs

I had another trip bite the dust this week due to the weather. The strong winds forecast for Saturday and Sunday would have made it difficult to fish Grafham for Zander , indeed the water authority were doubtful I would have been able to take the boat out myself of Saturday. I called Gordon to moan about this on Friday night so it was handy he then invited me aboard his boat for a trip to Loch Sunart on Sunday to fish for Spur’s.

The loch seemingly fished poorly throughout the autumn but has showed signs of improvement recently. It can be dour place at times so my expectation weren’t too high.

Gordon hooks up a double shot on his first drop.
I thought we had better start taking a few picture in case the fishing went off.

There was a healthy mix in terms of size of fish  from about a pound up to fourteen pounds.
The orange Patagonia jacket that I'm wearing was bought for a trip to Norway 9 years ago. It was and still is one of the warmest pieces of their kit I have.The rip stop nylon is no match for these bad boys and over the years the Spurs have left their mark on the jacket after some winter wrestling.

Gordon had the best of the fish with one at thirteen and fourteen. I only fished one rod and a lure rod now and then with a 40g jig head/soft plastic trying to tempt a Spur on a scented jig. The best of my fish went over seven pounds.
I think this little chap smells the long awaited bacon rolls on the go...  
The fishing was constant for five hours with very few Dogfish amongst the 70 plus fish we had, nice days fishing.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Anybody for Cadiz ?

Long rod, long rigs , monster Gilthead (7kg about 7 mins in) and cracking Bass. Where's my  passport ?