Around Scotland and the UK

Cod, Coalfish, LSD, Short Spined Sea Scorpion, Grey Gurnard,Pouting, Spurdog, Thornback, Plaice, Dab, Common Blenny, Corkwing, Smoothhound,Flounder, Ballan Wrasse, Common Eel, Herring, Mackerel, Whiting, Tub Gurnard,Goldsinny, Turbot, Bass,Pollack,Scad, Tope, Thick Lip Mullet, Golden Grey,Mullet, Thin Lip Mullet, Rock Goby, Common Goby, Sea Trout/Brown Trout,Launce,Haddock,Cuckoo Wrasse, Bull Huss,Poor Cod, Rock Cook, Dragonet, Black Goby, Conger, Ling, Sand Goby, Long Spined Sea Scorpion, Shore Rockling, Lesser Weever ,Black Mouth Dogfish, Common Skate,Red Gurnard, Leopard Spot Goby,Salmon, Bream,Minnow,Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Golden,Trout,Stickleback,Pike,Perch,Zander,Common Carp,Roach, Garfish, Tompot Blennie, Sand Smelt.
A spectacular Scottish salt water Sea Trout, could be hard to beat.

My first new UK species for ages- Sand Smelt , top snack for the Sea Trout

                                                        My best Sea Trout of 2016

Cradling a slab of a Perch, height, depth and length. A beast!


                                                         The only Common Carp I've ever caught
                                             A Common Skate aboard my old boat "Vito"
                                                 Turbot selfie the year I was collecting species for fun
                                                   Estuary Sea Trout

                                                Breaking mini species records
                                             8 oz monster Launce
A clonking Ballan
A really wet day and a Black Mouth Dog
My PB Bass
PB Thick Lip
My first decent lure caught night Bass
My first Zed

                                                A Loch Ken Bream
                                                  A lovely Long Spine
A rare Scottish Gar caught on a surface lure


Pro Lite said...

Going to Durness this year 2015 for a couple of weeks . looks like its got a lot to offer if the weather allows. Nice pics and blog. All the best Stewart. Any advice would be appreciated .

Martin said...

Hi, yes, lovely part of the world. If I can think of anything else I will drop you an email later this week.