Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Good times on the Ebro movie

Good times on the Ebro from Martin A on Vimeo.
I’ve eventually got around to finishing this. 7 hours of video from two cameras reduced to 6 minutes. I dropped the GoPro editing software due to various the problems which I encountered so it unfortunately took me longer than normal. It’s the first video I’ve done for a year so I was also a little rusty. Losing good fish is never easy, when this happens on the last day and the fishing’s already rock hard, well…those damn Zander! Apologies in advance for the language.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Mission accomplished! 4 pound Perch

I intended to catch some big Perch this year and set myself a fairly steep target of a 4 pound fish. I’ve not been out as much as I would have wished, mainly due to the weather. When I have got afloat I’ve enjoyed myself learning the ropes on the kayak, made decent progress and caught some nice Perch.

I’m delighted with this fish. My little Fox drop shot rod was buried to the tip when I hooked it as I peddled away from the snag I was targeting. I was desperate to catch a glimpse of it in the bright sunlight. When I did get my eyes on it I knew it would go close to my target so carefully picked my moment with the net. When the scales settled they were bang on the money, 4 pounds on the nose.

It’s been a great end to a really emotional week, this one’s for you Rodney, rest in peace bro.

Time to go home early- no need to be greedy

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Jigging when you’re winning

Light winds, high pressure, decent prospects and a late start saw me back on Ken again for 12pm. Rather than an early start after a strange week I decided to fish through till dusk. I was here last weekend under extremely sad circumstances. The Perch fishing was good, equalled my PB Perch in the wind and rain, my head was somewhere else though and I don’t remember too much about most of the day.

Today  I was in better form.  I managed a nice Perch on my first drop after marking some fish on solid structure that seems to have appeared from nowhere. I’m sure I’ve been over this spot numerous times and not noticed any features. Two rigs and four Perch later it was time to move on.
As I left the busier part of the loch behind me it felt and looked like a much friendlier place than my last visit, lots of people making the most of weather. Kids in kayaks being coached under the watchful eye of their parents and a birthday party was being planned on the shore. There was bunting being hung up, a sound system and beer being put in  cool boxes for the evening ahead, it was nice to see.
I was caught out by this Pike while taking the hook out and was badly gashed between the thumb and forefinger due to a bad grip on my part.  But you have to except it’s intimate in the kayak.


I picked off some Perch here and there on the marks I’ve plotted but they seemed to be wary of me being on top of them in 10ft-15ft of water as the loch is quite low just now. A Kopyto dropped from 20 yards on to the fishy areas got a better response and I couldn’t see the jig head on the next three fish that I caught.

The best Perch today went 2.9
I worked my way along my usual route switching between  rods, casting a shad and then getting closer to the fish holding areas and then using the drop shot rod I picked up the odd fish before I lost what felt like a lump of a Perch.I suppose it might have been a Pike but one of those it was difficult to tell. I was then led a merry dance  on my little Fox drop shot rod, around in circles, back and forth on a 6cm lure and fluro leader. I could see a couple anglers in a boat about 100 yards, seems they were watching me through their bino’s. We exchanged a few words and I walked the fish towards them, my little net wasn't cutting it. The hook was clear but had the potential to break off if I pushed for a grip. It was better than walking the dug at tea time and the fish went in first time when I got there.
My pic from the yak
Thanks for your help
One for the road
I was met with a party when I got back ashore. This included pipers and a DJ. I had to move a few people to get past after listening to a few tunes out of courtesy. Not my style of music but you can always jig when you're winning