Friday, 20 February 2015

Baptising Buddy

My  boat trip with Scott on Sunday looks like it will be cancelled  and the weather forecast  today was building up to be quite frankly rotten! Having a day off today and rather than leave Buddy at home on his own I decided to take him fishing for the first time. Lynne wasn’t too keen on the idea as he’s a rescue dog and been with us less than a week.  I reassured her it would be fine, character building even.
When we arrived I saddled him up in his new coat, attached his extendable lead to my wading belt and made my way to the first spot. As we arrived the ducks that had been sitting on the bladderwrack took flight and when we got to where they’d been sitting Buddy had a good ferret around digging down till he hit rock. It looked like it was the first time he been stood on anything like this as he wasn’t sure of it at all. With nothing doing after 15 minutes I took him over to some rocks where he seemed to feel more at home. I walked about 40 yards casting as I went with nothing to show for my efforts. After an initially bright start I could see the weather closing in so decided to sit out the first rain shower under some trees.  Not long after, we were back to the car and I opened the door to let the mutt in where he promptly went off on one, probably best described as looking like a demented mop.

After a move and few casts I had  slight tap at the start of the retrieve, then another,  so I scanned the water looking to pick out my lure on its way back to me hoping to see a fish, sure enough there it was. I took the pace off the retrieve and did a spin stop, felt the take and the fish was on, pretty satisfying when it works out like that, worth a walk in rain, for me at least.

Nice enough fish this, probably in much better condition than its freshwater brothers in February. Easy to spot over a broken shell bottom, if you happen to be looking at the end of a retrieve that is.
  Dog meet fish- fish meet dog, neither being interested in the slightest before parting company
When the sleet started I felt it was enough for his first fishing adventure, two hours is plenty for him on a day like today. Bichon’s are not known for their hunting prowess so he had the ham and I had the roll, the least I could do I guess.
Had a bad hair day ? A thing of the past for me but a continuing issue for some it seems.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Off the mark

The morning traffic was a pain, I was eager to leave the usual mid-week routine behind me, today I was going fishing.  I’ve not been out since November and regardless of the weather or the tides I intended to be on the beach today. I went through the old routine  layering various items of clothing ,climbed into my waders, laced my boots, put my rod together, picked a likely looking lure and got down to business. It was nice to be back. February is early, the 11th being the earliest I can target Sea Trout. Despite the traffic I arrived bang on time and about ten minutes after my first cast I felt a tap followed by a solid take and the familiar thump thump and my first fish of 2015 was on its way to the landing net. A quick picture and off it went like a silver bullet.
I made a few moves, tried my usual spots, most of my lures and wished I had picked up my bombarda floats, shrimp fly’s and ragworm patterns as either the fish weren’t there or didn’t fancy what I had with me. I did have one follow with the fish leaving a couple of nice boils on the surface as it tracked my lure before fading off. I changed my offering and covered the area again without success. I decided to make one more stop on the way home and although I didn’t fancy the tidal stage there was always the chance of a fish.
So, a couple of fish and a modest start to the year, at least I’m off the mark.