Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Dog eat dog in the marine world

What a picture this is from Marlin Magazine's selection of the best pictures of the year...awesome

Friday, 9 December 2011

Hurricane Bawbag

Thursday....what a day, apart from being a great day for kite flying..... Scotland

1.Only country in the world to name a hurricane after human genitally

2.Religious war... during and after football games ?

3.The Krankies ?

4. Nicola Sturgeon's hairdo , seriously WTF ???

Sunday, 4 December 2011

SW club match

Cant say I had much notion for the match but with the bait sorted and not getting out last weekend off I went. Shane and I arrived to be met with a decent sea running and nice chocolate brown water. Ten anglers started the match and were spread out across two points on quite a wide area. I opted to fish the inside of one of the points with a nice bay, decent stance and a rising tide. As it happens it proved to be a mistake but at the end of the day I took the easy option to fish with the wind as opposed to against it and it worked against me. Eight fish, 1 Flounder, 1 Coalie and 6 Whiting. Willie won the match with a cracking catch of 42 assorted fish and there were ten decent Cod caught including Stuart's fish which took the sweep money at a nice 4.13oz