Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Time machine

As you can see from the blog  there's not much happening at the moment. I had a tidy out  last night and found these. I even had some hair under those hats.

19 pounds  and some change, nice rainbow  on a 6 weight and a little Orvis Battenkill in1998

A couple of Bass in 1999 on a blue and white Rapala J-13  and a heavy / floppy Daiwa spinning rod. Not a nice  set up to fish with in hindsight  but  it never stopped me catching fish.

That will be me on the right  and Graham on the left  in 86, you can guess the venue. I think I was using a Zziplex NG1 at the time which cost me a packet. This was one of two doubles I caught off the pier in May. I think Rodney lost a brolly that night as it was blowing  about a 40 mph southerly. The week before this I had a 12.10 and I think it was 5.4 on one cast in daylight.