Saturday, 24 July 2010

Schools Out

I saved a blank today late on in this early morning session. After last night I just needed to catch. It took me three hours before I managed to get on a run of schoolie Bass. I appreciated these all the same and managed 5 in an hour all on a pingusi patternZonk fished at a distance which was as far as I could cast it wind assisted about 50 yards I guess. The fished seemed to be patrolling a strip of sand between two beds of kelp which run parallel to the shore, not breaking any records here but I seem to have made the right call this time. The same conditions last year brought roughly the same result… break in case of emergency!

Passive Bass

Friday night again.... it was a nice night for this weeks Friday night Saturday morning session, overcast, rising tide, bait in the water. Highlight of the night was a fish which looked like to me to be about 4-5 pounds following the Z Claw on a number of casts, tight behind it in a flat calm breaking the surface but not aggressively, just having a real good look at the target, not seen this happen before in such a manner. Anyway, blanked on Bass but I did have some fun on a Frosty surface lure that’s a stone dead look alike for a large sand eel or small launce, 6 Mackerel late on, the last one I caught was about to 11.30pm in a place the Bass should have been !

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Back 2 Back Bass sessions

I fished last night and again this morning after five hours sleep in the car. I had five fish almost identical in size miles apart from two separate areas. I weighed one of these, 2 pounds 4 oz. I had my chances to probably double the numbers of fish I caught but the Bass were intent in trying to drown the surface lure and not eat it. I enjoyed both sessions but I fished hard for what I caught. Where are the bigger fish? I hope to find them soon. They do exist here but the reality is its not Wexford or Brittany… it’s the SW of Scotland. Maybe the next session will throw one up. Marie Chase BW in green eel and a Z Claw in mullet did the damage.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

It's a funny old game sometimes

I fished last Friday night which is the first in July for Bass. In terms of sessions I have not really got going so far in June, July or indeed this year and it felt like it. Jamie and I fished an area I had not visited for a couple of years. There had been a SW on it for most of the day with the wind switching to the NW then NE with the sea calming off nicely it looked good to go. Long and short I had a Pollack straight away on a Z Claw. Jamie had 3 Bass and lost one on the Mag Popper. I changed pretty much after Jamie took two fish but with the same lure I only managed one offer.You can try and work it out sometimes but still doubt what you’re doing. The answer is probably the most rational one, although we were about 20 yards apart there were no fish in front of me at that point (that’s my story anyway)

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Playacar Rui Palace Mexico

Great holiday,hotel was amazing and there was some great DIY fishing to be had 15 mins walk SW from the hotel. Small Threadfin, Jacks, Palometa and Permit if your lucky. Caught one of these and did not have the camera with me but here are a few pics.