Saturday, 27 February 2016

Two stroke Jock

It was a lovely day to be out. Having had a late start I missed a good part of the rising tide and the opportunities that it would have delivered. I don’t normally meet or see any other anglers on my travels and I’m sort of spoiled having the various spots to myself.  As I set up an angler went past perched on a SUP rigged for fishing. This looked interesting, silent, good exercise and possibly a lot of fun. Then there were the SIB’s, three of them to be precise. As I stood wading and casting one rolled up to me to ask me if I had any success. No I replied, just started. A two stroke outboard roaring around shallow water on a bright calm day just isn’t helpful. Having started on my fly gear I also felt a little restricted. Especially on a day like today as I was clearly covering less ground than I would with a lure rod. Not an issue though. I just have to get some time using this gear as I want to do a little more in the year ahead, now is as good a time as any. The SIB was just one of those things that I had to put up with. It took me a couple of hours to pick up a fish but it was worth the wait, one of Jim’s flies did the trick again.
That moment was short lived however as I could see another two SIB’s coming directly toward me. I was waist deep in water wading and from about half a mile away one of them pulled up to me within casting distance, why would you do that? The two stroke he was using looked and sounded like it was from the Barry Sheen era.  Realising that it was over for me at this spot I walked back to the car. I could hear the angler swearing at his now silent engine as he drifted away on the tide. It did ignite to life once more. Like Frankenstein’s monster being hit by a bolt of lighting, out of gear and on full throttle for about 5 minutes, could still hear it as I drove away. The nearest he will get to a fish will be to visit Pets at Home or his local chippie.

A few hours passed and I picked up another fish on my lure rod just as the sun began to set. The little bar of silver soap gave me the slip as I unhooked it over the net it jumped out of my hands and off it went. A rare wind knot in my braid then brought me session to an end, it was time to head home anyway. Certainly not a classic day of Sea Trout fishing, but then again, every day and every fish is a bonus.


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Jim's budgies

The Kraken and the White Magic Head, two patterns, two different target species. I'm looking forward to trying them out. Good work Jim!

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Balancing the books

If you happen to live around the west coast of Scotland and took a look out of your window today you couldn’t be blamed for deciding to stay indoors. I was ready to go, called off, and then decided that I was back on again. It was a rough old day. The fly rod remained in the car as the conditions were beyond my ability to deal with or enjoying using it. Three hours driving, two hours fishing and just shy of a handful of nice little fish for the effort. Like most of us my working week is long one at the minute. This of course pays the bills. A few hours in the afternoon, even on day like today can settle accounts that aren’t measured in pounds and pence.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Fly for silver


Saturday, 13 February 2016

Salty Sea Trout in the snow

It was great to be back on the beach, it always is after a few months off. The weather didn’t matter and we took the sleet and snow in our stride. I was wrapped like merino wool mummy and Jim had his system too. Casting, wading and chatting we had a good day.
Jim ties some nice fly's so I pinched one of his tidy olive/white clousers and got lucky
Getting back in condition. It's putting it on and I'm taking it off

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Here we go for another year.

The afternoons are getting a little longer, spring is on the way. The cycle of things hasn’t changed much for me in the last few years and this year won’t be that different. The desire to get out there again is building daily and hibernation is coming to an end. I have a few plans for the year ahead, some new objectives. In front of those I'm just going to enjoy my fishing. There have been a few new additions to my garage and some that will need dusted down. I had it bad for big Perch last year, still do, and I'll probably improve on that this year but at the same time target larger Pike which is kind of new to me. I gave the Bass fishing a pass last year, my heart wasn’t in it. I think 2015 was the first time in about twelve years I’ve not caught one. I can maybe mix this in with some Smoothie fishing and maybe a Tope from the kayak, all good, lots to go at if it takes my fancy nearer the time.

I’ll be out next weekend though, regardless of the conditions kicking off my Sea Trout season. I’m meeting up with Jim to hit the coast where we’ll be armed with fly rods and lures and a fist full of enthusiasm. The year ahead should be a good one. The reels are spooled and my battered Sea Trout lures have a fresh coat of Sally Hansen. Somewhere, the fish will be waiting.