Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Long Spined Sea Scorpion

As a result of the daft hours I've been keeping over the last few days my body clock's out of sync. A late evening session resulted due to me not feeling tired. The fishing was grim with only a massive edible crab of about a pound and half to show for my efforts until the last cast produced another first for me and another counter to my 2011 species tally. I need to get a new memory card for my camera as it took me about ten attempts to get a picture to stick without an error message showing a fault with it. Anyway I managed this which clearly shows the difference between this and its larger short spined cousin. By the way...still no Rockling

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

More small Bass

With a nice onshore wind last night Jamie and me fished into darkness. We had seven Bass but nothing to write home about in terms of their size. There were apparently a couple of larger fish landed last night and indeed the night before but as luck would have it only small ones for the both of us.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Another one off the list...Sand Goby

One of my better pictures in macro mode where this little fish decided to behave itself for its photo shoot.

Why I hate Rockling...

In my usual feeble efforts to add any type of Rockling to my species tally for the year I tried a local mark in Troon. The mark is scabby broken ground with some sand and the bait was Mackerel strip and 20 Ragworm I scrounged from my mate on the way to the beach. As usual confidence was not sky high to say the least. No Rockling again... but two small Bass in 5 minutes the first on Rag and the other on fish strip as well as another missed bite. I'm on holiday this week so will have a serious attempt at Bass tonight as Jamie found it hilarious that I was trying for a Rockling on a night that was perfect for Bass. I didn't have the bait for Bass but still managed a couple of fish so I will see what damage I can do tonight when I'm geared up for it. Jamie and the guys had 6 Bass the last time we spoke about 12.15am

Dunbar Wrasse, Ling and a few Cod

Dunbar on Saturday after Friday nights Eel session was a bit of a struggle and not to mention a long day. I met up with Gordon at 8am and we headed through to the east coast. The fishing was poor and I actually caught more Wrasse than Cod and my second SSSS of the year.

Solo Conger

Fishing at night yourself is pretty boring to be honest. After three hours of darkness I has about to wrap it but after dozing off I was awakened by the ratchet on the reel and the tell tale sign of some interest from a snotty eel. Not the biggest Conger I've caught and also a pretty bad picture,check the state of me. The self timer worked but the fish was doing its best to wriggle free from my grip.

Black Goby

What cracking looking little fish and another first for me. The dark scales contrast with the iridescent blue make this an unusually marked fish in comparison to the pictures of other fish of this species that I have seen. For comparison here is a picture of a Black Goby I caught from the same place 5 minutes later, pretty boring by comparison

Small Thick Lip

I attempted to add a Golden Grey to my tally for the year after a couple of suspect catches including one of my own in the SW earlier this year. I managed this little Mullet of 11 oz, the smallest Mullet I have caught the quest for a GG goes on!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Clyde Wrasse & Pollack

Myself and Rodney made our annual trip today and as usual the weather played ball as did the fish ...eventually. Things were slow to start with but picked up nicely. Rodney after a shaky start got into his rhythm and added fish after fish . I dodged on and tried for quality over quantity sticking with hardback crab for quite a while, less bites and I guess proven to catch the bigger fish.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Rock Cook & Dragonet

I ticked another two boxes tonight when I finished work adding a Dragonet and a first for me the Rock Cook Wrasse, beautiful little fish.

The weekend finishes on 35 species for the year so far

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Port Logan mixed bag with Huss & Tope thrown in

Scott invited me aboard Scary Mary for a Logan session based on a great forecast and flat calm seas we headed out for what was to be a really good days fishing with a mixed bag of fish and a total of 12 species. One of the fish I caught turned out to be a potential Scottish record Launce of 9oz and more like a Gar than a Launce. We fished more towards Portpatrick than Port Logan with the rain for the better part of the day staying off. We had a laugh and caught some good fish.

Porbeagles and Bass

Gordon and Kenny have recently managed to catch a couple of super fish. Gordon had a half share in this boat caught Bass that took a Tope bait that Matty Burrett had cast out and Kenny managed a Porgie on an Irish trip. Cracking fish both returned.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Bass on the Z Claw

I took the opportunity to the throw a few lures for an hour or so within the club match at the weekend. The Zenith Z claw really is a cracking lure with a smashing wide lazy walk when worked properly. The fish seemed to be interested in it when it was stationary or with the slightest of movements after a short walk. The Bass action was as good as it got with only some predictable dogfish turning up as darkness fell.