Sunday, 5 August 2018

No August blues this year!

I had a bit of company yesterday as my old bassing buddy Jamie dug out his Prowler and joined me for a session. We made do with plan B as I didn't fancy how conditions might end up in the afternoon. The 4.30am meet was a shock to Jamie's system but I think he felt relief when I told him that I had a few 2am starts in the last month or so. As I put my Outback in the water the first thing I noticed was how warm the water still is. Now I don't track water temps much other than around May time, an 18.7c surface temp at 6.30am is high I would imagine.

As we set off there was a light breeze and a fishy looking spot so I clipped on a mag popper and went about making a few casts as we drifted off. On the third cast, as I let the lure settle for a moment or two before retrieving it, a small bass nailed it. I had another hit the lure right at the side of the yak about ten minutes later, both ultimately came off but it was an encouraging start. We tried a few spots, trolling and casting and found an area with some fish, we had some fun on surface lures before splitting up to see if we could locate a better fish or two. Jamie trolled off into the distance. I tried a different approach.

I've been thinking a lot about presentation recently. The kayak provides a lot of advantages but at the same time, a few issues to deal with. I'm pretty sure I'm missing opportunities to catch bigger bass, all part of the game I guess. I'm keen do some night sessions afloat and also some more anchoring rather drifting. This would enable me approach things differently and fish some areas more effectively if done quietly and with stealth.
I set up a few drifts using the Wexford worm fished weedless and weightless. Now I've not used these for a while but the Wave Worm tiki stick casts well and I did catch my PB on a white one, I just hadn't got around to using them afloat yet. I wasn't too happy with my hook choice as the Nogales Monster is quite a heavy hook and I didn't like the way the lure was sinking. This kind or stuff does my head in.... Anyway, I had a couple of fish and lost one before I joined up with Jamie again. The  afternoon was a dour affair, the wind got up and we couldn't find any fish. It was long session and a good effort from the big guy who hasn't been out for over a year. I guess we fished from 6.30am till about 3.30pm. To be honest I'm rinsed today myself, really felt that one! August is normally a month that I end up feeling burned out.At the minute I'm stuck to windguru and tide tables. I can't wait to get back on the water....
A weary paddle home for Jamie

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