Sunday, 1 July 2018

An early late start

Up at 2am and on the road for 2.45am I was wondering why I went to bed really. Having looked at what I have on in July I'll miss the nice set of tides around the middle of the month. Today was a bit of a push to get my first Bass of the year, in other words I'm late getting off the mark this year.
A lean 71cm
Gutted about the pic being out of focus( the other blurring is deliberate BTW) I had a magic fight off this fish and while it was resting in my net I set the camera on timer. In doing so I changed the mode to scene. I didn't muck about as I wanted the fish back so didn't check till I got back to the car. Lean for its length it will pack the weight on over the summer till the next time it does what it needs to do.

 Four bass and a lot of fun with some pollack that seemed to be up for a party despite the bright sunlight and low tide combination. Great days fishing, well the worth the effort and early start.

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