Saturday, 11 March 2017

Back in the game!

Following on from my fiasco a couple of weeks ago I had quite a day to myself today. I think I’ve only caught this many Sea Trout, once or maybe twice before. I had a half chance to cap it off with a peach but the huge bulge following the lure faded as the fish caught site of me when it was virtually under the rod tip. A fantastic days fishing.
My first fish of the day, a touch on the lean side but come May/June it will be back to normal.
My longest and best conditioned Sea Trout. It gave a robust account of itself in the tide. I'll be on the fly rod next time out . That will get things back to reality with a bang( or maybe even a splash)


Connor MacLennan said...

Braw Martin, haven't been out since I last met you but I've done a fair bit of tying for them, hopefully I'll get out again soon. Atb... Connor

Martin said...

Thanks Connor, yeah, it got a lot busier after that move I was talking about ;0)Good to meet you, hope to bump in to you again. I had 1.5 hour session in the stiff onshore wind a few days later, blanked with the fly rod. Using your time wisely, wish I had your patience.