Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Return of the Mojo part 2

Heading south on Tuesday at 5am was a bit of struggle. The tides were ok so I thought it would be worth the effort. Arriving and getting the gear ready it looked like it could throw up some fog again despite the wind. I took a waypoint when my feet were on the beach and logged my trip with Belfast Coastguard again, something I always do as I fish alone mostly. I gave the area a good rinsing with the Fiish, SG eel, Redgill Evo and a couple of hard lures. It looked and felt really fishy so I figured that it was a matter of finding something that woke the Bass up. Maybe a noisy surface lure would work? I decided to give old faithful a run out. On every trip, kayak or shore I’ve used it this year but failed to take a fish off the surface, unusual as it is consistent catcher. Rarer than hens teeth these days and the last I own in the top colour I clipped on the  Mag Popper.
Three casts in and I had found a solution. First off the top this year and first surface caught from the kayak, nice fish too. It really wanted the lure, in fact it was the deepest hooked Bass I've caught. With the lure out of site I had to despatch the fish. It will be salt baked and enjoyed, something that I rarely do with Bass.
It was great taking fish off the surface again, feels like its been a long time. This fish missed it twice, pausing the lure it came back on it again as they sometimes do, great fun. I had five in the kayak like this off the top, one dropped off on lifting it in.
One for the Fiish BM in white and the one below on an Evo
I've enjoyed what Bass fishing I've done this year and hopefully I can manage a few more trips  before the bell goes.
So a couple of great days fishing off the yak. The sparks back and it's all good.

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