Thursday, 11 May 2017

May already

With the year passing so quickly May has arrived in no time at all and the seasonal gear change is kicking in everywhere. I’ll be taking a backseat this month, too many commitments on the domestic front, projects running behind and other things that need attended to. Given I’ve had three blank sessions trying for Sea Trout since my last capture it’s probably a good time to have a break. These were only short 2 hour trips but blanks all the same. If I can squeeze in a few hours I might but won’t be sweating it if I don’t. Most years I get to August and feel a bit burnt out, a bad time to feel like that.

I can’t complain with my year so far, the kayak challenge I’ve set myself will pick up again in June when I can get my rig out of the garage again. The Tope, Bass and Smoothound will be here in better numbers by then. I’ll get around to improving the Perch I have here as well.
I’ve only started thinking about a trip to Ireland and the possibility of a Blue Shark from my Outback, the ideas is still there but I need to start networking soon to establish if anyone else has similar thoughts. Having also entered my first kayak competition this was a step forward to putting a Zander in the kayak. I’ll be fishing the World Predator Classic 2017 qualifier to be held at Grafham in August. The final will be in Holland. For me it’s really about getting two days on that venue and the possibility of a decent Zed. If that fails it will be a long journey back down to England in the Autumn for a schoolie Zander from Rutland, motivation enough to get it right first time hopefully.


Dimitrios Chariskos said...

Some serious plans there!
All the best in the comp man!

Martin said...

Didn't set any kind of goals last year, push on this year. If I get most of it done I'll be happy. I'll be making up the numbers in the comp. A decent Zed from there would do me :0) Not caught one in a while...